Almond Nougat Paste

Reduce the Risk of Contamination When Pumping Almond Nougat Paste

How to prevent health hazards when pumping almond nougat paste

Contaminants in food, such as almond nougat paste, can render entire batches unusable and, in the worst case, lead to adverse health effects for consumers. The food industry worldwide is looking for solutions to counteract this problem. One of Europe's leading chocolate manufacturers was one of them.

As a global specialist in complex fluid management, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems provided a remedy. We will show you how you can benefit from innovative products for the food industry and prevent contamination, for example, when pumping almond nougat paste.

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These are the hazards to be aware of when pumping almond nougat paste

One of the hazards of pumping almond nougat mass is contamination by petroleum hydrocarbons (PCOs). The CHCs are produced during the refining of crude oil and are divided into two main fractions: Saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH) and aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAH). They not only get into the products via packaging but also, for example, in the case of chocolate, through harvesting machines, oil-treated bags for cocoa or lubricating oils used in production plants. However, the problem is that these very heterogeneous groups, each comprising several thousand chemical substances, are suspected of hurting human health. The results of experimental studies have shown that mineral oil hydrocarbons are deposited in the liver and lymph nodes and damage them. In addition, aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons include substances considered carcinogenic even in the smallest doses. Preventing this should be done as far as possible to protect consumers’ health.

How to reduce the risk of contamination when pumping almond nougat paste

However, the latest investigations by Ökotest show that at least the chocolate manufacturers do not have the problem under control yet. Again and again, products such as almond nougat paste come onto the market having to be recalled due to contamination. Yet measures are available making economic sense while drastically reducing the risk of MOSH and MOAH contamination. These include the use of hygienically safe, oil-free pumps in production. With the TORNADO® T.Sano® all-metal rotary lobe pump, NETZSCH offers an innovative solution for preventively counteracting contamination, for example, when pumping almond nougat mass. Thanks to the belt drive, the pump operates completely oil-free. This significantly reduces the risk of contamination by lubricating oils. This unique feature sets the NETZSCH rotary lobe pump apart from all other rotary lobe or multi screw pumps available on the market.


kilogram per hour capacity

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With the TORNADO® T.Sano® with smooth surface, you can pump even the most demanding media in compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations.

Meet the highest hygiene standards when pumping almond nougat paste

In addition to potential contamination, however, pumps in the food industry are exposed to numerous other challenges. The TORNADO® T.Sano® all-metal rotary lobe pump meets the highest hygiene standards. The pump is particularly suitable for use in chocolate production because of the choice of material. To comply with food safety guidelines (EHEDG certification), all components of the T.Sano® rotary lobe pump that come into contact with the medium are made of stainless steel. Apart from ensuring a long service life, this also guarantees the pump's long-term availability. The all-metal version also has the advantage that the product cannot be contaminated with rubber particles or abrasion and meets the strict cleaning requirements of the industry.

For residue-free cleaning of the almond nougat mass pump, you can use the proven CIP process (Cleaning-In-Place) and, subsequently, the SIP process (Sterilisation-In-Place). This enables you to clean or sterilise the pump without removing it from the system. As a result, you save time and, consequently, money. Thanks to the FSIP® concept, maintenance is also possible without removing the pump from the pipeline. Do it like Europe's leading chocolate manufacturer, upgrade to a TORNADO® T.Sano® all-metal rotary lobe pump and benefit from the advantages in the long term.

TORNADO® T.Sano® all-metal rotary lobe pump 

  • Medium: Almond-nougat paste
  • Capacity: 600 kg/h
  • Pressure: 3,4 bar
  • Temperature: 45 °C
TORNADO® T.Sano® All-Metal Rotary Lobe Pump, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems