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Pumps for the oil industry

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Features of the NETZSCH Pumps

  • useable for all applications in the oil industry
  • provide low-pulsation conveyance
Ulrich Eibl

„The effective use of our world’s oil and gas deposits represents one of the greatest challenges of our time. In particular, our NEMO®, NOTOS® and TORNADO® pump systems offer new opportunities to leverage dwindling oil resources and raise production rates of existing oil fields. Besides lower quality crude oils and high viscous oils also multiphase fluids can be produced economically and efficiently.“

Ulrich Eibl
Business Field Manager Oil & Gas Mid- / Downstream

NETZSCH Pumps offers you

  • low life cycle costs
  • high pressure stability
  • perfect metering precision

Advantages of NETZSCH Pumps

NETZSCH product portfolio in the oil and gas midstream / downstream sectors