Compliance in the NETZSCH Group - Code of Conduct

What does Compliance mean?

For us Compliance means to comply with the internal regulations as well as national and international law. We expect this from every NETZSCH Employee. Short-term goals must not be weighed against Compliance. Under internal regulations we understand any company-internal guidelines, both formally written down or established by practice.

Why do we need Compliance?

To act in compliance with the law and companyinternal rules and regulations should need no explanation, especially since we are a family-owned company bound to the ethic and moral requirements of our Shareholders. Furthermore Compliance Infringements can cause considerable costs. Hence Compliance makes sense also for economical points of view, both for every individual employee and for the company.

How can we achieve Compliance?

Compliance has to be effected from both sides, the organisation and every individual employee. For this purpose the Management delegates Compliance Tasks to several specialists. Nevertheless Compliance is an executive function, the responsibility cannot be delegated downwards. The supportive Compliance Process has been formulated in this way that the compliance with the relevant regulations can be realised by every employee and manager and random checks can be made. The Shareholders and all Managing Directors of the NETZSCH Group expect that every employee acts in compliance with the law. The provided Code of Conduct can be a basic parameter, but cannot cover all laws and therefore can never be complete. Should you have doubts, simply act with a clear conscience and contact your direct superior or Compliance Officer.

Human rights & due diligence in the supply chain

We are convinced that business success is only possible in the long term if human rights are recognized and protected.

We therefore see it as our responsibility to respect human rights and prevent human rights violations. Our understanding of responsible conduct encompasses our own business activities, our business relationships and the indirect effects of our actions.

Whistleblower system 

We provide reporting channels to be informed about illegal behavior in our company in order to be able to clarify and stop such behavior. Every individual is encouraged - whether employees, customers, suppliers or third parties - to report to us any indications of legal violations or violations of our policies or the Code of Conduct. This is to ensure the timely discovery, follow-up and, if necessary, punishment of compliance violations. This reporting system also applies to reports of human rights and environmental violations relating to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG).

The whistleblower system is used exclusively to receive and process reports of actual or alleged violations and is not available for general complaints. Through these reporting channels, NETZSCH employees and external third parties have the opportunity to report concerns, tips, violations confidentially and optionally anonymously.With each report, you help to clarify and eliminate misconduct and grievances. All information, including references to the whistleblower, will be processed confidentially and in accordance with applicable laws.

An (anonymous) whistleblower platform is available to you via the following access:

for violations

Report any indications of a legal or compliance violation to us. 

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In addition, both internal and external whistleblowers can contact our group compliance (as an independent body) as follows:

In addition to the internal reporting channels, you also have the option of contacting external authorities responsible for the respective individual case (e.g. Federal Office of Justice) with your complaint or report.