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Groundbreaking Ceremony for a Successful Future: NETZSCH Lays the Foundation for Innovative Work in Waldkraiburg

On Monday, 12th, a new era began at NETZSCH with the official groundbreaking ceremony for constructing the new company building on the factory site on Geretsrieder Straße in Waldkraiburg. "This is a memorable day in the history of NETZSCH", said the excited Managing Director Felix Kleinert. With an investment volume of 50 million euros, a cutting-edge production and assembly hall with a fully automated high-bay warehouse is being built on 11,000 m². The new, innovative office complex will be placed on the roof of the hall. Construction is scheduled to be completed by 30th June 2022. The consolidation of the three plants at one location puts even more focus on interdepartmental work at NETZSCH.

In addition to the production and assembly hall, the multi-storey industrial building with 11,000 m² includes a 4,100 m² office complex placed on top of the roof. The modern office landscape is characterized by bright, large and open office spaces. The hall below is completed by a high-bay fully automated warehouse that will be home to all pump components. "This investment has enormous potential for the future. I'm really excited about what is being created here", states Moritz Netzsch, one of the NETZSCH Group shareholder. The new multi-storey building is being constructed as a solid structure to guarantee the necessary fire and noise protection in the building construction.

Jens Heidkötter, Jens Niessner, Dr. Claudia Netzsch, Helga Netzsch, Christian Netzsch, Sabine Schaefer, Moritz Netzsch, Felix Kleinert, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Groundbreaking Ceremony
Jens Heidkötter, Jens Niessner, Dr. Claudia Netzsch, Helga Netzsch, Christian Netzsch, Sabine Schaefer, Moritz Netzsch and Felix Kleinert (from left) were among those who attended the event.

NETZSCH has always been committed to environmental protection and sustainability so that the responsible use of a wide variety of resources has the highest priority in the new building. Groundwater is used for both heating and cooling, and the building's electricity is generated using photovoltaic systems. All technical systems in the building are operated with heat and energy recovery as far as possible. Fossil fuels are avoided as much as possible.

In the course of this construction project, the existing buildings in Geretsrieder Straße will also be renovated and reconstructed according to the latest standards. Finally, all the plants will be merged into the new NETZSCH Campus. Nearly 650 employees will then be located here and find ultra-modern workplaces equipped with the latest technology, both in the production and assembly area and in the office world.

Cooperative working relationship with the city of Waldkraiburg

The basis for the successful plant relocation was a constructive cooperation with the city of Waldkraiburg. To create the new plant construction's necessary infrastructure, NETZSCH needed additional 216 parking spaces on the Geretsrieder Straße site. The resulting eastward expansion of the area was made possible by the town of Waldkraiburg. For this purpose, the footpath leading from Daimler Street to Neutraublinger Street was made available. However, public use is still possible. The former tree population has since been reforested by NETZSCH. The planned amalgamation of plants 1, 2 and 3 thus became feasible.

Ralf Baldauf, Jakob Bartinger, Rita Buchner, Martin Kalleder, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Groundbreaking Ceremony
The planning team for the new building: Ralf Baldauf, Jakob Bartinger, Rita Buchner and Martin Kalleder (from left).

The planning and implementation of this construction project, which is unique in the company's history, is led by Managing Director Jens Heidkötter. He is supported by the project managers Ralf Baldauf and Jakob Bartinger and the overall construction manager Martin Kalleder. The decision on the investment of 50 million euros represents the most significant single decision in the company's almost 150-year history. NETZSCH is thus clearly committed to the Waldkraiburg site and also to Germany as the core competence centre for NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH. The motto is: "In the region, for the region", notes Kleinert.

This investment forms the core of the so-called "NETZSCH Pumps Global Operations Strategy", a worldwide investment phase lasting several years. Further investments will be made at various locations worldwide in the coming years to push ahead with global expansion. Factory expansions in the USA, Brazil, China and India are to be driven forward with this. Furthermore, in addition to the assembly centre already operating successfully in Anting near Shanghai, further assembly centres will be opened in South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Russia, Mexico and Indonesia. All locations will work together in a digitally supported network to achieve even greater customer orientation.

With the new factory building and the various investments of the "NETZSCH Pumps Global Operations Strategy", NETZSCH intends to further expand its global market leadership. "Our goal is to further improve communication as well as cooperation by merging the plants in Waldkraiburg to reduce lead times and remain the top supplier on the market", Heidkötter shows his determination. A pump concept that is individually tailored to the needs of the single customer at the highest technical level will also be ensured for the future.