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Oil and Gas: Advantages of a Digital Progressing Cavity Pump

The progressing cavity pump technology offers you a wide range of applications in oil and gas production and combines numerous advantages. Increasing demands on efficiency and, above all, cost-effectiveness are confronting operators with growing challenges. Conventional production is no longer sufficient in many cases.

We will show you how to take your oil and gas production to the next level with the help of our digital progressing cavity pumping systems. Numerous oil fields have been operated with so-called horsehead pumps since the 1920s. This technology has held up very well over the past century. However, it has a decisive disadvantage because operation with horsehead pumps is extremely energy- and cost-intensive. Since these factors have played a relatively minor role up to now, as there was no shortage of oil and the only requirement of the pump was to pump oil, this could be disregarded in the past. However, the market has been undergoing significant change for some time now. The days of the oil boom are long gone, and economic efficiency and, above all, sustainability are increasingly becoming operators' focus, resulting in significantly increased demands on the pump. Based on this, coupled with decades of experience in the field of positive displacement pumps, NETZSCH has developed unique progressing cavity pump systems that revolutionize your oil production and offer numerous advantages.

Reduced service and maintenance costs through digital progressing cavity pump

Downtime is always associated with high costs. Especially in oil production, a few days of downtime can result in significant profit losses. With most systems, operators can only detect wear or defects on site when the system is no longer producing the desired output or has even failed completely. By then, however, it is already too late, and high costs are inevitable. The digital progressing cavity pump from NETZSCH offers a decisive advantage here. The system is equipped with many sensors so that you can "see" into the borehole and gain valuable data. This allows you to recognize any maintenance and service requirements much earlier and prevent corresponding downtimes.

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High productivity through optimum conveying rate with the help of a digital progressing cavity pump

The digital progressing cavity pump system allows you to monitor the dynamic fluid level continuously. Why is this so important? With a conventional pumping system, you have no data on what is going on downhole. Accordingly, you can only estimate the maximum possible production rate based on the limited data available. Therefore, there is always the risk that the pump runs dry because you have set the production rate too high, or you "give away" valuable oil because you have set the production rate too low. Both, in turn, are associated with high costs. Since our system can "see" into the well as an eye, it recognizes the conditions and the changes in the inflow in the well and determines the maximum production rate per day. However, because this can vary from day to day, the NETZSCH digital progressing cavity pump continuously adjusts the flow rate. And the best thing is yet to come: The whole process does not involve any effort on your part as the operator. The intelligent system works completely independently.

Digital progressing cavity pump as a signal amplifier

Many of you are located hundreds, if not thousands of kilometers away from the operating oil field. However, this is not a problem for the digital progressing cavity pump. The innovative technology allows you to use the pump as a signal amplifier, similar to a transmission tower so that the signal is amplified from pump to pump all the way to you. So with our system, you become entirely self-sufficient in operation and can conveniently schedule service calls or the like with personnel on-site.

Oil and Gas, Digital Progressing Cavity Pump, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems

With the innovative digital progressing cavity pump systems from NETZSCH, you can monitor your oil field comprehensively and use the data obtained to future-proof your oil production. Your service and maintenance costs are drastically reduced while productivity is increased. Controllable from anywhere in the world.

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has extensive experience in manufacturing progressing cavity pumps for the oil & gas sector. Through continuous research and development, NETZSCH has positioned itself as an absolute expert in this market and successfully designs the most diverse applications, no matter how difficult.