Système de dosage et de vide-fût

Les dispositfs vide-fûts NEMO®

We’ll get the very last of it out for you! 

NEMO® barrel emptying systems are versatile and suction themselves towards the bottom of the barrel. With NETZSCH emptying systems, you can empty your barrels and containers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries almost wholly.

The heart of the system is a NEMO® BY progressing cavity pump, which provides you with constant, low-pulsation pumping. The versatility is enormous: From low-viscosity to barely flowing media, with or without solids content, shear-sensitive, sticky or abrasive, with the progressing cavity pump, you can pump even complex media gently and independently of pressure and viscosity fluctuations. Optionally, the pump can also be heated. This enables you to pump products that tend to harden or require temperature control. When the system is switched on, a vacuum forms under the follower plate. At the same time, this exerts a slight pre-pressure on the medium to ensure constant suction. This ensures emptying with a residual quantity of less than one percent of the total content. In this way, you save medium and, consequently, money. 

Les installations de dépotage NEMO® sont utilisées pour le dépotage de fûts sans perte de produits dans les industries chimiques, pharmaceutiques et alimentaires. Le coeur du système réside dans la pompe volumétrique à rotor excentré NEMO®.Lors du démarrage de la pompe NEMO®, il se forme un vide sous le plateau-pousseur. Le plateau-pousseur n'exerce qu'une faible poussée sur le fluide, facilitant ainsi son aspiration par la pompe et un transfert avec ménagement.

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