Paul Netzsch, Executive Board, NETZSCH Group


Paul Netzsch to Expand the Executive Board of the NETZSCH Group

Paul Netzsch will be appointed member of the executive board of Erich NETZSCH GmbH & Co. Holding KG as of 1 April 2020. With the 33-year-old business economist, one more member of the shareholder family will head the NETZSCH Group.

In the future, Paul Netzsch along with Moritz Netzsch and Jens Niessner will manage NETZSCH as a three-member body. During the first year in his new position, Paul Netzsch will have no fixed departmental responsibilities and will use this time to gain in-depth knowledge of all areas of the NETZSCH Group. With two master's degrees from the University of St. Gallen and the CEMS International Management Program in Barcelona and a number of years in a management position with a medium-sized family enterprise, the 33-year-old business economist is very well prepared for his future task. "Based on the successes of recent years, together we can prepare NETZSCH for an increasingly dynamic environment and work on the strategy for the next five years," said Paul Netzsch.

Continuity in the NETZSCH family business

"With the appointment of my brother Paul Netzsch, the generation change is complete," explained Moritz Netzsch. “After the early death of our father Thomas ten years ago, with each passing year it became increasingly important for us to become his successors. After Paul's first year with us, we will jointly determine which tasks he will take on. In any case, Jens Niessner will continue to manage Finance, Controlling, IT and Mergers & Acquisitions. We are happy to have Jens Niessner on our side as he solely focuses on corporate development.”

Successful Business Development at NETZSCH

The NETZSCH Group has recorded very good results in recent years. Sales increased across all Business Units from € 266 million in 2010 to around € 580 million in 2018/19. "Our company," emphasized Jens Niessner, "is ideally equipped for the future. I am particularly pleased that I have a high level of agreement with Moritz and Paul Netzsch with regard to the continued management of the company.”