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Pumping of Abrasive Sludge From Sewage Treatment Plants

Reduced maintenance and servicing costs thanks to NEMO® progressing cavity pump in FSIP® design

You are a wastewater treatment plant operator and want to pump abrasive thickened sludge reliably? Then you've come to the right place. As a global expert in complex fluid management, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems offers you solutions for pumping thickened sludge that is individually optimised to your requirements.

We will show you the advantages of the NEMO® progressing cavity pump in FSIP® design ("Full Service in Place") with an xLC® stator adjustment system when pumping abrasive thickened sludge from wastewater treatment plants.

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Reliable pumping of thickened sludge from wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plant operators worldwide face the daily challenge of pumping thickened sludge from A to B in continuous operation. In addition to the high solids content, the composition of the thickened sludge in wastewater treatment plants demands a great deal from the pumps and systems. Due to the wear-intensive applications, significantly higher service and maintenance costs are expected. Despite rising energy costs, keeping operating costs as low as possible is essential. Therefore, high reliability, service life, and easy service are decisive requirements for pumps in wastewater treatment plants. 

Abrasive thickened sludge poses a challenge for pumps

In a wastewater treatment plant in Bavaria, the operator used a progressing cavity pump that conveyed sludge with a solids content of eight percent to an intermediate tank for disintegration. Due to the abrasive content of the thickened sludge, the progressing cavity pump was subject to high wear. This led to high maintenance and servicing costs. Iron and aluminium salts from the tertiary sludge and the industrial plant located in the village also contributed to this. This meant that the rotor-stator pair had to be serviced regularly after about 8,000 hours of operation. For the new acquisition, the responsible persons placed particular emphasis on the fact that the unit had a significantly higher reliability and service life and was particularly easy to maintain.


operating hours without service

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With the NEMO® BY progressing cavity pump in FSIP® design with xLC® stator adjustment system, you can reduce your maintenance time by up to 66 percent.

Progressing cavity pump reduces costs for thickened sludge pumping

NETZSCH found the right pump for reliably pumping abrasive thickened sludge in the wastewater treatment plant. The NEMO® progressing cavity pump in FSIP® design is particularly maintenance-friendly and robust. Thanks to its innovative design, you can perform maintenance and service without removing it from the plant. This saves you up to 66 percent time. The NEMO® pump used in the wastewater treatment plant in Bavaria is also equipped with the xLC® stator adjustment system, which allows the iFD-Stator® 2.0 to be readjusted and its service life multiplied. Beyond the previous service life, the pump can operate for 16,000 hours before the stator needs to be replaced. 

The progressing cavity pump runs 24 hours a day and achieves over 8,000 operating hours yearly at a flow rate of 1-3 m³/h. The advantages of the NEMO® progressing cavity pump in FSIP® design with xLC® stator adjustment system have tripled the service life when pumping thickened sludge and significantly reduced maintenance and servicing costs.

NEMO® progressing cavity pump in FSIP® design

  • Medium: Sludge with a solids content of 8 %
  • Flow rate: 1 to 3 m³/h
  • Operating hours: 24 h a day reaching over 8,000 operating hours a year
NEMO® progressing cavity pump in FSIP® design, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems