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I sistemi di triturazione NETZSCH trovano impiego laddove è necessario trasformare in modo affidabile impurità solide in fluido. Solo così è possibile evitare con sicurezza l'intasamento delle tubazioni e il danneggiamento dei macchinari collegati a valle.

The technology of the grinders

Grinders can be divided into two categories based on the different technologies. On the one hand, there is the technology of the M-Ovas® universal cutting plate macerator and, on the other hand, the N.Mac® twin shaft grinder. In the cutting plate macerator, the shreddable parts are pressed against the perforated plate by the flow or are partly drawn into the holes. More significant amounts accumulate in front of the perforated plate and are ground by the cutter head until they are flushed through the openings. This effectively protects connected units from blockages. By replacing the perforated plate, you can change the hole size and thus the degree of shredding. The twin shaft grinder technology is suitable for particularly coarse and solid contaminants. Here, the two knife blocks grind washed-up solids such as textiles or plastic waste in liquid media. Thanks to numerous different blade combinations, you can quickly determine the degree of shredding yourself. This prevents possible clogging in the pump chamber. 

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