PERIPRO® Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps from NETZSCH are particularly robust and easy to maintain 

Robust, reliable, strong: PERIPRO® peristaltic pumps are particularly suitable in a wide range of applications for aggressive and abrasive media with a solids content of up to 70 percent. The group of peristaltic pumps includes, among others, the hose pumps, these offer you an extremely high suction capacity with minimal maintenance at the same time.

Together we will find the pump optimally suited to you and your application, whether it’s industrial, chemical or food. Your satisfaction is our top priority. The corrosion-resistant and hygienic hose pumps also guarantee you the highest dosing accuracy. We promise you Proven Excellence – outstanding performance in all areas.

The technology of the peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pumps and all other pumps from NETZSCH belong to the group of rotating positive displacement pumps. They only have one wearing part, the hose. Therefore you have minimal maintenance effort.

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PERIPRO® hose pump industrial version

The medium to be conveyed is forced through the hose by external mechanical deformation of the hose. The hose is supported by the housing of the pump head and is clamped by rollers. The rollers rotate on a rotor. The rotation causes the pinch-off point to move along the hose, thus propelling the pumped medium. The elasticity of the hose material generates the suction vacuum. Due to their design, peristaltic pumps are insensitive to dry running.

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