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Jens Heidkötter Appointed to the Senate of the Economy

Big honour and responsibility for Jens Heidkötter! The managing director of NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has been appointed to the Senate of the Economy. The committee is keen on bringing together politics, business and science to find solutions for social challenges.

The Senate of the Economy comprises personalities from the economy, science and society. Its goal is to include sustainable management as well as environmental protection. Priority is given to the common good and not to the interests of individuals.

Heidkötter:  "I see myself as responsible"

Jens Heidkötter

„I see myself as responsible for promoting the balance between entrepreneurial interests and the common good.“

Jens Heidkötter

Most recently, the Senate of Economy welcomed Heidkötter as a new member. The managing director sees the appointment as both an opportunity and a responsibility: "On the one hand, I am very happy to contribute my experience to the committee. On the other hand, together with the other members of the Senate, I also see myself as responsible for promoting the balance between entrepreneurial interests and the common good." The origin of the Senate is to be found in ancient Rome. At this time, it consisted of scholars and people of different opinions who were recognised in the Roman Empire and influenced Roman politics in an advisory role. This basic idea also gave rise to Germany's Senate of the Economy in 2009.

Principles and goals of the Senate of the Economy 

The Senate of the Economy still pursues these ideas today. Moreover, in addition to its own imposed principles, it is committed to the goals of the United Nations with all its sub-organisations. Fairness and partnership in business life and the social competence of entrepreneurs and executives characterise the Senate's work. To meet the increasing social challenges, Heidkötter sees himself and all participating companies under the responsibility. "Environmental protection and sustainability do not only play a decisive role in the Senate of Economy. At NETZSCH, too, we are committed to these values in our daily work and are constantly pushing them forward", the managing director explains. The ethical principles of the Senate are indispensable. Heidkötter's task as a new committee member is to fulfil these principles.

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