NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Site Expansion in China


90,000 Square Metres of Future: NETZSCH Pumps & Systems Expands Site in China

More space for growth, innovation and customer proximity: NETZSCH Pumps & Systems is expanding its production and logistics in East Asia. The primary investment is the relocation and expansion of the production plant in Lanzhou, China. The expansion will significantly increase the number of pumps produced here in Lanzhou each year.

Whether in exceptional conditions, extreme pressures or hazardous liquids - NETZSCH pumps cover an extensive range of applications. Due to the high demand in China, the management has decided to replace the existing plant in Lanzhou with a greater production capacity. "We are proud of the outstanding performance of our Lanzhou site and the unwavering commitment of the local staff to meet the needs of our Asian customers. Given the rapid development and current capacity constraints, we will expand the production to continue delivering cutting-edge technology", promises Moritz Netzsch, an executive board member.

Green lights for "Lanzhou New Plant” at NETZSCH

NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Signing of Site Expansion in China
The signing of the investment agreement between NETZSCH Lanzhou Pumps Co., Ltd. and Lanzhou New and Hightechnology Industrial Development Zone.

With the "Lanzhou New Plant" project, the Lanzhou site is expanding its production and logistics network, thus increasing its footprint in East Asia. An extensive site search preceded the decision. The final choice fell on the Dinglian Industrial Park, one of five state-approved industrial parks in the Lanzhou New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone. On August 30, 2022, representatives of NETZSCH Lanzhou Pumps Co., Ltd. and the Lanzhou New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone signed an Investment Agreement. In this framework agreement, the intentions of both sides for the purchase of new land and the sale of the existing ground, the rough ground schedule, and the investment framework were specified. The final signal for starting the "Lanzhou New Plant" has been given with the successful completion of the bidding process in November.

New NETZSCH plant in China sets standards

Felix Kleinert

„The plant will set new standards in the areas of digitalisation, efficiency and sustainability.“

Felix Kleinert

A state-of-the-art and sustainable factory will be built on an area of around nine hectares in the Dinglian Industrial Park. "As the newest production site, the plant will set new standards in the areas of digitalisation, efficiency and sustainability, and at the same time define the future of pump manufacturers in China", says Felix Kleinert, CEO of Pumps & Systems. An automated high-bay warehouse and an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system are being set up to network the processes. A photovoltaic system for the company's electricity generation and its wastewater treatment plant set the guard rails for sustainable production to build the pumps in the new plant in a CO₂-neutral and environmentally friendly way. The heart of the new building is an extended production area. In addition to manufacturing, the focus is also on a research and development area, laboratory spaces, office buildings, a modern dormitory for employees, and catering and sports facilities. "We will push ahead with the new building planning with all its might and start construction of the new factory on schedule," said Ralf Stauske, General Manager of Support Processes of NETZSCH (Lanzhou) Pumps Co., Ltd. 

NETZSCH starts the next phase

With the successful acquisition of the land, the construction areas will be ready by the beginning of 2023. Until then, the frost period will be used by architects for detailed work and assembly planning. In April 2023, the go-ahead will finally be given for the construction, which will be completed in 2024. Afterwards, the move from the old to the new plant can begin.