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NETZSCH Employees Fulfil the Wishes of Suffering Children

Lightening up children's eyes at Christmas: Especially at Christmas time, many people are keen on bringing joy to people in need. Numerous NETZSCH Pumps & Systems employees have fulfilled the most diverse Christmas wishes of 70 children and young people from the region, bringing sparkle to their eyes.

We all know the stress just before Christmas. Quickly buying all the gifts you need for friends and family. This year, many NETZSCH employees in Waldkraiburg had to get gifts for children from the region chosen at work. In collaboration with the local charity organisation Suibamoond e.V. from Burghausen (Bavaria), a Christmas tree with wishes was set up at Café & Restaurant FELIX on the first of December. The Christmas tree, decorated with fairy lights and Christmas baubles, was decorated with more than 70 wishes from the children and young people cared for by the organisation. Suibamoond e.V. supports children who have been victims of physical, psychological or sexual violence. Experts from counselling centres and organisations work in the association to look after the welfare of the children and young people in their care, mainly in the districts of Burghausen, Mühldorf and Altötting. NETZSCH supported the aid project this year with a Christmas campaign in which employees fulfilled the children's and young people's wishes.

How NETZSCH supports traumatised children and young people

Handover, Gifts, Children, Suibamoond e.V., NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
Smiling faces: The children attending the event at Café & Restaurant FELIX were delighted.

Children experiencing violence and abuse need professional support and help in coping with and processing their traumatic experiences. At the same time, however, offering them an everyday life is essential. This is where NETZSCH comes into the picture with its Christmas tree. From toddlers to young adults, everyone was allowed to make a wish. The range of wishes was correspondingly wide. They ranged from large cosy blankets or a Toniebox for toddlers to smartwatches or tablets for young people. The NETZSCH employees fulfilled all the wishes! Entire teams also joined forces for high-priced gifts. The employees fulfilled four-year-old Marvi's wish for a winter jacket. They also bought a pair of gloves, a hat and a cuddly teddy bear. “It was immediately clear to us that we would take part in the campaign as a team to make the children's eyes light up”, says Antonia Stettner, Application Engineer. Michael Sigl, Team Leader IT Endpoint Services, also plucked a wish from the tree on the very first day and bought AirPods for the 17-year-old Wali: “I am delighted to be able to fulfil a Christmas wish for a child from our region and hopefully put a smile on his face.“

Handing over the gifts to Suibamoond

Handover, Gifts, Children, Suibamoond e.V., NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
Big and small: The wishes of the children and young people were very different, but in the end they were all fulfilled.

The gifts were collected within the company and handed over to the association on 21st December by CEO Andreas Denker and CFO Jens Heidkötter on behalf of all employees. Alfons Hasenknopf, 1st  Chairman of the association and a few children looked after by the association attended the handover in the company restaurant. Mr Hasenknopf was delighted: “It's amazing what the NETZSCH employees have achieved here. Over 70 wishes were fulfilled, and many bought additional gifts that weren't even on the wish list. On behalf of Suibamoond, I would like to thank you very much.”

Now, the gifts must be handed to children and young people. The volunteer members of Suibamoond will be taking care of this over the next few days. And then, hopefully, 70 children and young people who are otherwise not on the sunny side of life will have shining eyes for Christmas.

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