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Rotary Lobe Pump Advantages: High Power, Compact Design and Easy Service

Safe processes require, above all, reliable equipment. The question often arises about the right technology and, associated with this, the right pump type. The rotary lobe pump technology offers a wide range of applications and combines numerous advantages.

Rotary lobe pumps are self-priming, valveless, rotating positive displacement pumps. Due to their compact design, high power density and operational reliability, they are often used for continuous and gentle conveying as well as dosing in proportion to rotational speed. As a result, rotary lobe pumps can easily handle various media, especially demanding media with special pumping characteristics. These include, for example, industrial wastewater, fatty acids or ceramic slurry.

Operating principle of a rotary lobe pump: The rotor pair's rotation creates a negative pressure on the suction side, whereby the medium is sucked in and then conveyed along with the pump housing to the discharge side. Advantages of a rotary lobe pump:

High flexibility for a wide range of media

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Rotary lobe pumps can convey media with a wide range of different properties. These include low and high viscosity, solids-loaden, solids-free, shear-sensitive, abrasive, non-lubricating and lubricating media. Also, fluctuating solids content is no problem for the pump.

Low risk of media entrapment and compaction

A large, free ball passage and the low speed, compared to other technologies, make the rotary lobe pump extremely resistant to any media entrapment, compaction and foreign objects.

Change of rotation

Rotary lobe pumps are self-priming, i.e. they can build up pressure to such a high level without external help that the medium can be sucked in independently. Their usually symmetrical design allows a reversal of the direction of rotation and thus of the direction of delivery. This is an advantage, especially concerning emptying. No further modification is needed to switch the pump from filling to emptying. Only the pumping direction has to be changed.

High efficiency with low life cycle costs at the same time

Compared to other positive displacement pumps, the rotary lobe pump has very high efficiency. This results in significantly lower energy consumption. A significant advantage, as energy costs are a large part of the life cycle costs. The high flexibility with regard to a wide variety of pumped media can further reduce the costs: In some applications, the rotary lobe pump can be used for several production steps. This results in reduced costs for spare parts storage as well as lower training costs.

Easy maintenance and compact design

Maintenance and service of the rotary lobe pump can be quickly done by removing the pump cover. Compared to the progressing cavity pump, this saves additional assembly time to remove the piping system. The small dimensions reduce the costs for the enclosed space in the system and thus offer more room for installing the unit in the system.

Gentle, low-pulsation and constant conveying with high dosing precision

TORNADO® T.Envi® Rotary Lobe Pump, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
The FSIP® version enables to perform simple service and quick maintenance without removing the pump from the system or pipeline.

The technology of the rotary lobe pump is characterized by continuous, low-pulsation and constant conveying. The conveying capacity can be regulated in proportion to the speed, so that exact dosing is possible. Transferring by so-called conveying chambers is exceptionally gentle on the product and thus enables the use in almost any application. This is a significant advantage, especially for demanding media.

A real multi-talent: The TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump from NETZSCH

Rotary lobe pumps can genuinely be called "all-rounders" in the field of positive displacement pumps. NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has made it it's business to develop further and perfect the numerous advantages of rotary lobe pump technology, adapted to individual customer requirements: The TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump - A combination of proven pump technology paired with the latest technology in engineering.

A clever reversal of material between the static and dynamic components ensures less stress on the elastomer parts due to any plastic deformation. During the rotational movement of the lobes, only rubber and metal are in contact. The disadvantageous, wear-intensive contact between rubber parts is eliminated. Due to the meagre expansion of the metal-rubber lobes and the rubberized inserts, the pump can also be used at varying operating temperatures without reducing service life and efficiency.

The double-sided toothed gear belt, which realizes both the drive and the synchronization, does not require lubrication like conventional synchronous gears. This completely eliminates oil losses and oil changes. The simple design of the synchronization ensures shorter service times when changing the toothed gear belt.

Compared to a conventional rotary lobe pump, the service of the TORNADO® T2 can be done in less than half the time. Keyword: "Full Service in Place." Since the complete front can be opened, you have quick and easy access into the pump chamber up to the flange connection. In addition, the simple design eliminates the need for expensive special tools. Inspection, cleaning or even the replacement of wear parts thus becomes a breeze within a short time.

The pump is driven as well as synchronized by a belt synchronization gear. The pump chamber's spatial separation from the synchronization mechanism ensures complete operational reliability with every rotary lobe pump from NETZSCH. By using the belt drive, the pump is completely oil-free, and any leakage of gear oil can be eliminated.

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has many years of experience in the manufacturing of rotary lobe pumps. Combined with continuous research and development, NETZSCH has been able to position itself as an absolute expert in the market and successfully design the most diverse applications, no matter how difficult.