NOTOS® Multi screw pumps

NOTOS® 2NSH Hygienic Twin Screw Pump

Small installation space due to compact construction with optional heating jacket

The NOTOS® 2NSH hygienic twin screw pump in the conventional, round pump housing offers different options and advantages. In addition to an optional heating or cooling jacket, the screw pump convinces a compact and robust design.

The twin screw pump was designed for hygienic applications to optimally convey media with higher viscosity at high working pressures up to 16 bar or 230 psi. Chocolate, fruit juices or fruit yoghurt, for example, are pumped while retaining their consistency and natural properties without any loss of quality. The round pump housing of the conventional version is considerably shorter than the FSIP® model. As a result, it requires a small footprint and, thus, less installation space. 

Multi screw pump with optional heating or cooling jacket

The 2NSH is made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Its surfaces are polished inside and out according to international standards to prevent sticking of the medium and facilitate cleaning. There is no contact between the rotating conveying elements. The optional heating or cooling jacket is installed around the entire housing in which the screws are located. An external, independent circuit heats or cools the jacket. This pump is perfect for applications where the pumped fluid tends to harden or requires temperature control to guarantee its quality.

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NOTOS® 2NSH hygienic twin screw pump in FSIP® design

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Optional heating or cooling jacket
Reversible flow
No contact between rotating parts
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