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Function of a Multi Screw Pump

Flexible, efficient, reliable: Multi screw pumps offer a precise and reliable way of pumping the most demanding media in various applications. But how does a multi screw pump work, and for which applications is it particularly suitable?

As a global specialist in complex fluid management, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has answers to all your questions about positive displacement pumps. We will show you the function of a multi screw pump and how to benefit from it.

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These components are essential for the function of a multi screw pump

Four elements are indispensable for the function a multi screw pump: The screws, also known as rotors, the pump housing, the drive or gearbox and the mechanical seals. NETZSCH offers you screws in a wide variety of designs, depending on the application. From nitrated steel alloy to stainless steel, everything is available. The screws are manufactured with a highly efficient profile. This allows you to achieve a high flow rate with low fluid shear. In addition, several pitch variants are available, which are balanced and ensure a high suction capacity. Another advantage offered by NETZSCH multi screw pumps is the innovative FSIP® design. This allows you to quickly and easily disassemble and assemble the pump without separating it from the pipeline. Thus you save time and, as a result, money. Another critical component for the function of the multi screw pump is the drive and the gearbox. The gearbox ensures smooth torque transmission between the screws and, together with the drive, guarantees contactless operation of the pump elements. This results in slight vibration and low noise generation, therefore making it possible to pump almost noiselessly. The mechanical seals also play a decisive role in the smooth functioning of a multi screw pump. NETZSCH offers single- or double-acting mechanical seals in cartridge design. Both are interchangeable and fit into the same mechanical seal housing. In addition, a pressure flush or a quench connection is optionally available. This allows you to clean the pump easily without removing it from the system and to pump the medium at a constant temperature.

NOTOS® 4NS Geared Twin Screw Pump, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
The application spectrum of the 4NS ranges from non-abrasive to moderately abrasive as well as from non-corrosive to corrosive pumped media.

This is how a multi screw pump works

Multi screw pumps belong to the group of rotating positive displacement pumps. The form of the rotors resembles a spindle screw. It consists of at least two counter-rotating rotors and a housing enclosing them. The screws are designed with a regular, thread-like profile and interlock like gear wheels. The cavities created by these three construction elements form the feeding chambers. While the rotor rotates, the chambers move out in one direction, conveying the medium from the suction side to the discharge side. Due to their design, multi screw pumps offer a constant and precise delivery rate, are relatively noiseless and have high efficiency.

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The NOTOS® 2NSH hygienic twin screw pump in FSIP® design impresses with gentle pumping, low pulsation and simple maintenance.

Application areas of a functioning multi screw pump

Multi screw pumps are used in a wide range of applications, especially in situations where precise and reliable fluid delivery is required. Applications range from food production and the chemical industry to oil and gas production. For example, multi screw pumps convey liquids such as dairy products, juice concentrates and syrups in the food and beverage industry. But they are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to convey medication, ointments and lotions. Due to the innovative design, you can clean the multi screw pumps particularly easily (CIP - "Cleaning-In-Place-Procedure") and even keep them sterile (SIP - "Sterilisation-in-Place-Procedure"). The concept allows you to clean without an auxiliary system and without time-consuming removal from the system. This also makes multi screw pumps ideal for use in the chemical industry, where they convey liquids with high viscosities and aggressive chemicals. In the oil and gas industry, multi screw pumps pump media such as crude oil, refinery waste and lubricants. All in all, multi screw pumps offer a precise and reliable way of pumping liquids. Especially in applications with a high viscosity or an aggressive chemical composition of the medium, multi screw pumps are ideally suited.

Functioning multi screw pump: NETZSCH offers the following models

Multi screw pumps are available in various designs, including single screw, double screw and triple screw pumps. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application and requirements. NETZSCH offers the following multi screw pump models:

You are not sure which multi screw pump suits your application best? No problem, the experts at NETZSCH will find the right solution for your individual application together with you. Let us advise you and benefit from the function of a multi screw pump.

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