The temperature of a fluid significantly influences its physical and chemical characteristics. At the same time, it affects the materials in direct contact with the medium in a pump. Therefore, the temperature specification plays a crucial role in selecting the appropriate pump type, materials and tolerances.

Changes in a medium's physical and chemical properties due to temperature fluctuations can be either reversible or irreversible. Therefore, it is often essential to keep the specified temperatures of the medium constant during the pumping process to ensure the desired product quality. Pumps can be equipped with heating or cooling devices to ensure this stability. However, there are also applications in which media with fluctuating temperatures are conveyed. In this case, it is essential to provide tolerances or control and adjustment mechanisms in the design of the pumps that allow adjustments to the media changes due to these temperature fluctuations and ensure safe and trouble-free conveyance. When selecting the suitable pump type, whether it provides for these changes must be considered.

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