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NETZSCH Donates Furniture for the Comenius Schools in Töging

Comenius schools refurbished! With a generous furniture donation, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has supported the Comenius schools in Töging am Inn (Bavaria). As a result of the plant merger in Waldkraiburg, the global specialist in handling complex media they had countless pieces of office furniture and office equipment in excellent shape.

Since the beginning of September, all three former plants have finally been merged into the new state-of-the-art NETZSCH Campus in Waldkraiburg. The modern office concept has changed not only the way employees work but also the equipment and furniture.

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New equipment for teachers' workstations: NETZSCH makes it possible

The new office spaces are now equipped with state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic workstations. But what to do with the well-preserved furniture from the existing buildings? This was precisely the question the project team led by overall project manager Jakob Bartinger posed. Quickly, it became clear that it needed to be more sustainable and sensible to dispose of the desks, cupboards, shelves, mobile pedestals, etc. The answer was finally found in the excellent contact with the Comenius schools. For quite some time, the school in Töging wanted to replace and standardise the teachers' desks in the classrooms. Some were over 20 years old. This request became even more urgent due to the increased need for technical devices such as laptops, document cameras and tablets. The old desks did not offer enough space for today's teaching requirements. Fortunately, teacher Anja Antholzner drew headteacher Manfred Putz's attention to the possibility of cheaply obtaining new equipment for the teachers' workstations thanks to a donation from NETZSCH. This was because a wide range of office furniture and equipment in excellent condition was available due to the plant merger.

Furniture, School, Classroom, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
The classrooms at the Commenius schools in Töging have been equipped with new teacher desks, mobile pedestals and other office supplies.
Furniture, School, Classroom, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
NETZSCH handed over a total of 25 desks and countless cupboards, mobile pedestals, partition walls, flipcharts and magnetic boards to the school.

Bartinger: “We are delighted to support a school in the region”

All forces were mobilised immediately. Three lorries from the building yard, the technical relief organisation and the Tögings fire brigade were sent to Waldkraiburg. They filled their loading areas with desks, cupboards, mobile containers, partition walls, flipcharts, office chairs and magnetic boards and delivered the furniture to the Comenius schools. The headmaster gratefully accepted the gift: “I would like to express my sincere thanks to NETZSCH. Some of our desks were older than those of the teachers who used them. They were in good condition but no longer up to date. If we had to purchase the furniture and equipment ourselves, we would have had to pay a mid-five-figure sum.” The mayor of Töging, Dr Tobias Windhorst, also took the opportunity to thank NETZSCH for its generous support.

Jakob Bartinger

„We are delighted to support a school in the region with this donation and, in the interests of sustainability, prevent our well-preserved furniture from being disposed of.“

Jakob Bartinger
Overall Project Manager

In the region, for the region - at NETZSCH, this applies to more than just the products. “We are delighted to support a school in the region with this donation and, in the interests of sustainability, prevent our well-preserved furniture from being disposed of. It also gives us more budget for our future, the children”, says Bartinger. The donation has sustainably improved the teachers' working conditions and once again emphasises NETZSCH's social commitment.

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