Highest Safety: Pumping Emulsified Explosives

NEMO® progressing cavity pumps convey gently and in compliance with ATEX

Safety has the highest priority in mining. To ensure this at all times, emulsified explosives are increasingly being used. In this case, the volatile components are mixed directly on site at the borehole. However, unique pumps are required to convey emulsified explosives while maintaining the highest safety precautions. 

As a global specialist in complex fluid management, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems offers you unique pumps for pumping emulsified explosives. We show you how to pump your emulsified explosives in compliance with ATEX.

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Emulsified explosives: Pumps for mixing the ingredients on site

Transalpine railway and car tunnels, dams for hydroelectric and storage power plants: The number of large construction sites that require considerable blasting work is increasing. At the same time, the demands for explosives are also changing. More power and increased safety are the primary goals, reflected above all in the increased use of emulsion explosives. In Switzerland, traditionally a country with a lot of tunnel construction, the ratio has changed from 100 percent patronised explosives to more than 95 percent pumped emulsions. The advantages of this are enormous. The individually non-hazardous components of the emulsified explosives are sometimes pumped over long distances and only mixed on site. The finished mixture uses the entire borehole but also fits into small openings. This way, you make the best possible use of the explosive's total capacity. The basis for pumping emulsified explosives is powerful and adapted machines that can cope with the unique challenges of the emulsion matrix or the explosive.

How to pump emulsified explosives with maximum safety 

However, this explosive requires special pumping conditions. For example, the Employer's Liability Insurance Association regulations (BGV) for solid uniform explosives and volatile oils stipulate that the pumps should prevent dangerous stressing of the substance or segregation of the emulsion. Therefore, in addition to the highest safety precautions, gentle pumping is one of the basic requirements when pumping emulsified explosives. The pump expert NETZSCH has developed unique systems for mobile mixed-loading vehicles to pump emulsified explosives. This allows you to pump your components while maintaining maximum safety.


rpm operational speed

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With the NEMO® BY progressing cavity pump in FSIP® design with xLC® stator adjustment system you can reduce maintenance time.   

ATEX-compliant: Innovative progressing cavity pump for emulsified explosives

The proven NEMO® SY progressing cavity pump has been reworked to deliver emulsified explosives in vast areas. As a result, it offers you the necessary inspection options and safety measures. The most significant difference to conventional designs is the two inspection openings fitted above the coupling rod’s joints. These allow you to check whether the joints are still sufficiently lubricated and whether the seals are still intact, even during operation. By constantly checking, you prevent dangerous heat build-up from metal-on-metal friction.

The pumps for emulsified explosives are manufactured according to your requirements and compliant with ATEX. Thanks to the numerous different rotor/stator geometries, the pump can easily be adapted precisely to your application. Due to its design, it also delivers particularly gently. In addition, the NEMO® progressing cavity pump allows you to dose the emulsified explosives in proportion to the speed. This way, you can pump your volatile components in mining while observing the highest safety precautions.

NEMO® SY with bearing housing and free shaft end

  • Medium: Emulsion explosives 
  • Pressure: Maximum 72 bar 
  • Delivery rate: Maximum 130 m³/h
NEMO® SY With Bearing Housing and Free Shaft End, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems