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NETZSCH Pumps: Customised and Sophisticated Solutions for Almost Any Application

Discover the world of NETZSCH pumps, where decades of experience meet state-of-the-art technology. Our portfolio of positive displacement pumps not only offers you highest quality and reliability, but also a customised pump solution for your application. You have the application, we have the pump.

From precise dosing in the pharmaceutical industry to the transfer of large quantities of crude oil – NETZSCH Pumps & Systems offers you the solution for smooth pumping and lasting satisfaction. We will show you how to benefit from using NETZSCH pumps.

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NETZSCH pumps: Highest quality thanks to years of experience

Highest quality and maximum reliability this is what NETZSCH pumps stand for. We draw on more than seven decades of experience developing, manufacturing and selling pumps. Our in-depth expertise in producing rotary positive displacement pumps enables us to offer customised solutions for even the most demanding applications – from the smallest dosing pumps to large pumps for the oil, gas and mining industries. Every NETZSCH pump is the result of years of research and constant innovation. By using only high-quality materials, we ensure the longevity of your system. This enables us to guarantee you Proven Excellence and outstanding performance in all areas.

NETZSCH Pumps, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
The NETZSCH Pumps & Systems product portfolio offers four different pump technologies.

Advantages offered by NETZSCH pumps

NETZSCH pumps offer many advantages to meet the requirements of the most diverse applications. The high adaptability of our products ensures optimum solutions for pumping even complex media in the most demanding environments. In addition, the robust design of NETZSCH pumps ensures a particularly long service life and minimises maintenance requirements. This leads to a reduction in your operating costs in the long term. Compared to models from other manufacturers, NETZSCH pumps are straightforward to maintain, thanks to their innovative design. We continuously set new standards in efficiency and performance to ensure your processes always run smoothly.


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Applications where to benefit from NETZSCH pumps

As a global specialist in handling complex media, NETZSCH ensures efficient and reliable application processes. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for example, they enable precise dosing and safe handling of sensitive, aggressive or highly viscous media. In the food and beverage industry, NETZSCH pumps offer you contamination-free and hygienic pumping. They also play a decisive role in the oil and gas industry and mining when pumping raw materials under extreme conditions. Our pumps are also characterised by high reliability and robustness in environmental technology, such as wastewater treatment or sludge processing. These characteristics are also indispensable in the field of battery production, for example, when pumping lithium sludge. Regardless of the industry, NETZSCH pumps guarantee optimum results.

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NETZSCH pumps: Everything from a single source  

The NETZSCH pumps portfolio includes various pump technologies for multiple industries. With the NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, NOTOS® multi screw pumps and PERIPRO® peristaltic pumps, NETZSCH offers a wide range of solutions customised to your individual needs and the specific requirements of each industry. Our range is completed by grinding systems, dosing technology and accessories designed to increase the efficiency and reliability of your system. Every product in our portfolio is characterised by innovation, durability and the highest quality standards to ensure optimum performance and satisfaction.

NETZSCH Pumps, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
NETZSCH has been developing, producing and selling positive displacement pumps worldwide for more than 70 years.

Benefit from the all-round carefree package of NETZSCH pumps

The all-around carefree package of NETZSCH pumps offers comprehensive care and support beyond purchasing a pump. You benefit from a holistic service that includes preventive maintenance, fast spare parts supply, and customised training courses. This ensures optimum performance and longevity of your pump systems and minimises downtime and operating costs in the long term. In addition, our dedicated team of experts is available around the clock to provide technical support and advice to ensure complete control and peace of mind in your operations. Choosing a NETZSCH pump ensures technical excellence and the highest operational efficiency and satisfaction.

Original spare parts for NETZSCH pumps

Using original spare parts is crucial for the performance and longevity of NETZSCH pumps. All our spare parts are manufactured to the same high standards as our pumps to ensure seamless compatibility and maximum performance. Using original parts ensures your pump always works efficiently, minimising the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs. Whether you need to carry out scheduled maintenance or short-term repairs, with original spare parts from NETZSCH, you ensure long-term operational reliability and value retention for your investment.

NETZSCH pumps: In the region for the region

In the region for the region – that is NETZSCH's motto. By setting up production facilities and service centres on all continents, we ensure we respond quickly to your requirements. Every region has its unique requirements. For this reason, we have established teams of experts around the world who not only speak the local language but also have an understanding of the cultural and market-specific conditions. This regional presence enables us to work closely with you and develop customised solutions meeting local and global requirements.

As your reliable partner in conveying complex media, NETZSCH combines global reach with a local commitment to offering a service knowing no borders. Let our local experts advise you and benefit from NETZSCH's decades of experience and innovative solutions.

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