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Buying a Peristaltic Pump From NETZSCH Means Relying on Sustainable Quality

Are you looking for a high-quality peristaltic pump? In this case, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems is the right place for you. As a global specialist in handling complex media, we sell progressing cavity pumps, rotary lobe pumps, multi screw pumps, grinding, dosing and container emptying systems, as well as peristaltic pumps.

Robust, reliable, strong: This is precisely what PERIPRO® peristaltic pumps from NETZSCH stand for. Discover more reasons for relying on NETZSCH's robust technology when buying a peristaltic pump and how to benefit from it.

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Applications, you will benefit from buying a peristaltic pump

Buying a PERIPRO® peristaltic pump from NETZSCH offers numerous advantages, especially regarding demanding industrial applications. This type of pump is characterised, among other things, by its versatility and reliability in a wide range of applications. For example, peristaltic pumps enable the gentle and hygienic pumping of sensitive media such as juices, sauces or dairy products in the food and beverage industry. Their easy cleanability and maintenance guarantee the highest product quality as well as operational safety. Buying a peristaltic pump means nothing stands in the way of meeting even the strictest hygienic regulations. In the chemical industry, on the other hand, peristaltic pumps impress with their ability to meter aggressive, viscous or abrasive media precisely and safely. This makes them ideal for processes where accuracy and material resistance are required. However, purchasing a peristaltic pump also offers numerous advantages when dosing additives or pumping sludge in the environmental and energy sectors. In addition to maximum efficiency, the pump impresses with the highest reliability in water and waste treatment plants, for example. Pumping media with a solids content of up to 70 percent poses no problems for the pumps. By buying a peristaltic pump, you are choosing a solution that not only impresses with its performance but also its adaptability to specific requirements and its long service life.

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The PERIPRO® hose pump in the industrial version enables you to convey abrasive and aggressive media in a wide variety of applications.

Robust construction: How to benefit from buying a peristaltic pump

The robust design of the PERIPRO® peristaltic pumps from NETZSCH with their XXL rollers guarantees durability and reliability even under the most demanding operating conditions. They are specially designed to operate continuously in challenging environments where they have to withstand extreme temperatures, abrasive and corrosive media or high operating pressures. Buying a peristaltic pump is an investment in durability, as the materials used and the design principles are engineered to maximise service life and minimise maintenance requirements. This reduces operating costs and ensures constant, efficient and reliable pumping performance. The robust design also makes maintenance easier and enables wearing parts to be replaced quickly, which significantly reduces downtime and increases your productivity at the same time. By purchasing a peristaltic pump from NETZSCH, you benefit from maximum operational reliability and efficiency.

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Due to its heavy-duty design, the hose pump is ideally suited for pumping materials with up to 70 percent solids and fibre content.

Buying a peristaltic pump with just one wearing part

When you buy a peristaltic pump, you opt for simple and efficient maintenance. The innovative design of our peristaltic pumps, which is characterised by a minimum number of wearing parts, significantly reduces maintenance work and unplanned downtime. This type of pump has no valves or mechanical seals. The only wearing part is the hose. In addition, the ease of maintenance of our peristaltic pumps allows you to carry out maintenance work without special tools or extensive expertise. This reduces your maintenance costs and increases productivity at the same time. The peristaltic pump also requires up to 90 percent less lubricant than conventional pumps. By buying a PERIPRO® peristaltic pump from NETZSCH, you are investing in a solution which does not only impress with its performance but also with its simple and user-friendly maintenance.

PERIPRO® Hose Pump Industrial Version, Explosion, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
PERIPRO® hose pumps do not need any wear-intensive valves or mechanical seals. The only wearing part is the hose.

How to reduce maintenance costs by buying a peristaltic pump

Buy a peristaltic pump and reduce maintenance costs: Thanks to an innovative design characterised by a low number of wearing parts, our peristaltic pumps are less prone to breakdowns as well as easier and cheaper to maintain. The user-friendly maintenance concept allows you to conduct routine inspections and replacements quickly and efficiently, minimising downtime. The longevity of the components, combined with the ability to replace wearing parts without specialised tools or external service teams, also contributes to cost efficiency. Suppose you invest in a PERIPRO® peristaltic pump from NETZSCH. In this case, you will benefit from the high pumping capacity, reliability and significant savings in maintenance costs, reducing your system's total cost of ownership.

Flexible use in a wide range of applications
Few wearing parts
No valves or mechanical seals 
Robust construction 
 Heavy-duty design with XXL-rollers

CIP capability: Buying an easy-to-clean peristaltic pump

By investing in a CIP capable PERIPRO® peristaltic pump from NETZSCH, you can simplify and optimise the cleaning processes in your production. CIP means "Cleaning in Place". Peristaltic pumps are designed to enable thorough and efficient cleaning without removing them from the system. This saves time and reduces the risk of contamination. The CIP capability of our pumps also ensures a high level of process reliability. It supports compliance even with the strictest hygiene standards, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The FDA-certified hose and sanitary connections also contribute to this. By using peristaltic pumps, you can minimise your downtimes, extend the service life of your system, and simultaneously ensure the safety and quality of your products. This saves you time, money and increases your overall productivity.

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With its innovative design, PERIPRO® hose pump in food version enables you contamination-free conveying as well as effortless cleaning.

Buying a peristaltic pump and benefiting from dosing accuracy

If you decide to buy a PERIPRO® peristaltic pump from NETZSCH, you are investing in a technology known for its high dosing accuracy. This precision is essential for numerous applications in which exact quantities of liquids or pastes need to be pumped, such as in chemical processing, the pharmaceutical industry or food production. The dosing accuracy of our peristaltic pumps ensures consistent product quality, optimises the consumption of valuable resources and reduces waste. Our peristaltic pumps dose consistently and accurately, even under variable pressure conditions and over a wide delivery range. This precision not only supports efficient production but also helps to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Buying a peristaltic pump is an investment in your processes' reliability and efficiency.

Extremely high suction power by buying a peristaltic pump

Buying a PERIPRO® peristaltic pump offers the advantage of a high suction capacity, which is essential for efficient and reliable pumping. This enables even highly viscous, abrasive or sensitive media to be pumped effectively without compromising the integrity of the product. The ability to generate a strong vacuum also facilitates the suction of liquids from deep tanks or with long suction lines, significantly increasing the pump's flexibility. With a peristaltic pump, you secure a robust and reliable solution as well as a pump that substantially improves your process efficiency thanks to its very high suction capacity.

Buying peristaltic pumps: What NETZSCH offers you

Whether industrial, chemical or food, you can buy the appropriate peristaltic pump design from NETZSCH, your global partner in handling complex media. Together with you, we will find the model optimised for you and your application. We promise you Proven Excellence – outstanding performance in all areas.

As customer satisfaction is our top priority, our service does not end with selling the peristaltic pump. We offer an attractive package that includes advice, maintenance, spare parts, and repairing and modernising your pump.

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