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NETZSCH Supports Local Charity Project Suibamoond

Doing good things at home has long been a tradition at NETZSCH. Especially at Christmas time, many people are keen to bring joy to people in need. NETZSCH Pumps & Systems employees fulfil the Christmas wishes of children and young people.

When we as adults think back to the Christmas season as children, for many of us, the memories are full of the smell of biscuits, snowball fights, the anticipation of Christmas, and time with our loved ones – in other words, wonderful childhood memories. We often forget that there are many children worldwide, but also in our region, who are not so well off and who cannot celebrate a Christmas full of joy. These children are dependent on help. The organisation, Suibamoond e.V. from Burghausen (Bavaria), looks after children who have been victims of physical, psychological or sexual violence. The charity organisation comprises experts from counselling centres and organisations who look after the welfare of the children and young people in their care, mainly in the districts of Burghausen, Mühldorf and Altötting. NETZSCH supports the charity project with a Christmas campaign in which employees can fulfil the children's Christmas wishes.

Christmas Tree, Wishes, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
The Christmas wish tree stands in the staff restaurant at NETZSCH in Waldkraiburg until just before Christmas.

How Suibamoond supports traumatised children and young people

Children experiencing violence and abuse need professional support and help in coping with and processing their traumatic experiences. The charity project aims to allow affected children and young people to work through what they have experienced. It works closely with various organisations such as Notruf Burghausen: Specialist advice on sexual violence, school social work, youth welfare services, the youth welfare office, the PFAD association for foster and adoptive children, the Burghausen-Altötting district association of the German Child Protection Association and the information and advice centre for male victims of sexual violence run by the Munich Child Protection Agency. It is essential to the experts that the therapy and support are tailored to each child. This can take the form of riding therapy, painting therapy, self-defence courses or even music, which the association finances. However, the methods are lengthy and usually very expensive. Therefore, The organisation depends on external support to help the children and young people in need. It also supports prevention work giving parents and, above all, children confidence in dealing with violence, sensitises them to this issue and makes them take a closer look. NETZSCH is keen to support regional projects and aid organisations, as CFO Jens Heidkötter emphasises: “To us and our employees, supporting this local charity project is a matter close to our hearts. It offers children and young people a perspective to process what they have experienced and to find a self-confident identity.”

Christmas Tree, Wishes, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
The children's wishes are very varied and range from a small toy to a voucher to a Play Station.

Christmas tree with wishes at NETZSCH Pumps & Systems in Waldkraiburg

Together with the charity association, NETZSCH has developed an extraordinary campaign to make children's eyes light up at Christmas. From December 1st, NETZSCH employees will find a Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights in the staff restaurant. But this is no ordinary Christmas tree. On this tree are wish lists from the children and young people cared for by Suibamoond. The idea behind it: Every NETZSCH employee can fulfil a child's Christmas wish, individually or as a group. Be it a pair of shoes, a doll or a Lego. The wish lists are picked from the tree, and the employees fulfil the wishes. The presents are collected and handed over to the association on December 21st

The Suibamoond employees ensure that the gifts are handed directly to the children. “We are delighted to be able to organise this fantastic campaign with Suibamoond and put a smile on the faces of children in the region at Christmas”, says Heidkötter.

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