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NETZSCH Pumps & Systems Receives New Work Excellence Quality Seal 

Innovative, modern, and future-oriented - this is not only what the products of NETZSCH Pumps & Systems stand for but also how the company works. As an award for its agile orientation, the global specialist in complex fluid management has received the New Work Excellence quality seal from the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Industry Association bayme vbm.

The seal of quality shows that the entire corporate culture, leadership, work organisation and design at NETZSCH are geared towards agility.

What is the New Work Excellence quality seal?

The Association of the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Industry annually awards the New Work Excellence quality seal to companies that distinguish themselves through innovation and agility. It confirms that NETZSCH not only works in an agile manner but also aligns the corporate culture in its entirety, the management, the work organisation and the work design in a future-oriented manner and towards agility.

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What is the qualification process for the label?

To receive the prestigious seal of quality, NETZSCH underwent an independent two-stage qualification procedure. The procedure was developed on behalf of the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Employers' Associations by the Institute for Employment and Employability IBE of the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences. It consists of documents to be submitted and an on-site audit. Thanks to its outstanding performance, NETZSCH also found itself in the final selection for the Agil Award 2022 awarded by the association.

NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, New Work Excellence Quality Seal
Not only the office areas, but also production and assembly as well as all other areas are oriented towards agility at NETZSCH.

What does agility mean?

Agility is an essential key to success in the future. Agile working is a form of collaboration, thanks to which NETZSCH can react more quickly to changes. This way, the company can adapt rapidly to new circumstances and work successfully. Agility requires, above all, transparency and communication at eye level within the company. The essential advantages of agility at a glance:

  • Short and thus faster decision-making processes and decisions
  • More effective work processes
  • High flexibility
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Errors are recognised earlier
  • Employees or entire teams are held more accountable
  • More sustainable and efficient cooperation is promoted
  • More transparency and open communication

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The newly acquired opportunities at the NETZSCH Campus will further promote the agile way of working at NETZSCH.

Who benefits from the agile and innovative way of working?

It is not only the employees who benefit from how we work but also the customers. Constant innovations, digitalisation and dynamics in all processes, including a change in values, characterise the current working world. All of this requires new concepts and also changing skills. Thanks to flat hierarchies, decision-making paths at NETZSCH are concise. This allows us to react quickly to possible changes and to continue to offer you a customised and sophisticated pump solution for your application on a global level.

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