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NETZSCH Honours Employees for Many Years of Service

What characterises NETZSCH and distinguishes it from other companies? One of the most important things is the high level of loyalty of the employees. At the beginning of December, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems in Waldkraiburg once again honoured numerous long-serving employees for 25 or 40 years.

Twenty employees were honoured by the global specialist in handling complex media for their many years of loyalty and exceptional commitment. Certificates of honour, medals and badges to symbolise their commitment and dedication were handed over in a festive atmosphere at the Café & Restaurant FELIX on the NETZSCH Campus in Waldkraiburg.

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40 years of NETZSCH: Honouring long-standing employees

After the champagne welcome and delicious finger food, CEO Andreas Denker and CFO Jens Heidkötter officially opened the anniversary celebration. “You will be honoured today because you represent the NETZSCH values extraordinarily. You are the head, heart, and soul of the company”, said Heidkötter, addressing the jubilarians with words of appreciation. “But we would also like to thank your partners, for having your backs so you have been able to work for us for so long. Even though we are a great company, it's not always easy.” The starter of the menu was served immediately before continuing with honouring the employees and greetings from Jens Niessner, CFO of Erich NETZSCH B.V. & Co. Holding KG. Eight employees - Alfred Thumser, Peter Herrmann, Joachim Horn, Günter Ott, Sonja Karsten, Andrea Harten, Rita Köppl and Wolfgang Sattler - were honoured for their 40 years of loyalty. After the management and the shareholders Helga Netzsch, Dr Claudia Netzsch and Christian Netzsch presented the certificates, medals, badges and bouquets, Denker and Heidkötter addressed personal words to the long-serving employees.

Employees, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
There were many happy faces to be seen at the 2023 anniversary celebration at Café & Restaurant FELIX.

Annual celebration at NETZSCH: Successful evening & great atmosphere

The main course was served immediately with the honours for 25 years of service. Twelve people - Tanja Donislreiter, Horst Engl, Alfred Esterl, Dagmar Greimel, Christian Hoffmann, Jeanette Bommer, Nicole Franke, Petros Kollias, Remzi Osmanaj, Dieter Schorr, Irina Sidorenko and Martin Zierhofer - were presented with certificates of honour, flowers and gifts. Dag Graupner, chairman of the works council, also addressed words of appreciation to the employees. In addition to the 25-year and 40-year anniversaries, 51 employees were honoured for their tenth anniversary in 2023. The programme concluded with a group photo and a speech of thanks from the employees before moving on to the cosy part with dessert and a cheese buffet. Finally, a saxophonist completed the evening until it ended right after midnight.

Employees, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
Employees, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
Employees, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems
Employees, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems

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