NOTOS® Multi Screw Pumps

NOTOS® 2NS Two Screw Pumps

Long service life when conveying non-abrasive to slightly abrasive products

Due to their characteristics, the self-priming NOTOS® 2NS two screw pumps have a long service life and are preferably used in the oil & gas mid- / downstream, marine, power generation, process industry as well as in tank farms.

They convince through continuous conveying with low pulsation, which ensures gentle product handling. NOTOS® two screw pumps have one drive screw, transferring torque through a hydrodynamic film to the rotating intermeshing driven screw. Two spindle pumps are particularly suitable for non-abrasive to slightly abrasive, corrosive as well as non-corrosive and low to highly lubricating liquids. They have also proven themselves for low to high flow rates as well as pressures. To achieve maximum efficiency, the pump has been optimized using the High Efficiency Unique Design (HEUD) concept. This is characterized by extremely precise tolerances due to state-of-the-art technology as well as the optimized spindle profile. The wide range of materials, from grey cast iron and chrome-nickel steel to duplex, superduplex or hastelloy steel, ensures optimum pumping conditions in a wide variety of applications. Optionally, the pumps can be upgraded according to the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API). These special requirements are mainly relevant in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

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High Efficiency
Quiet operation
Excellent suction capability
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