Do you Want to Pump Fatty Acids Safely and Directly From Tank Trucks?

With this pump, you protect the health of your employees in the long term

Depending on their chemical composition, fatty acids can attack the skin or even the respiratory tract in case of unprotected contact and thus cause damage to health. For this reason, there are strict legal requirements for fatty acid pumps. An old gear pump could no longer meet these requirements , thus presenting a paint and varnish manufacturer with significant problems.

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems, the global specialist in complex fluid management, offers you innovative solutions, including for pumping chemicals. We show you how to pump fatty acids directly from tank trucks, protecting your employees’ health.

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Challenges when pumping fatty acids directly from tankers

It is above all the cosmetics industry and the paint and varnish industry which use fatty acids in their production processes. Depending on the chemical composition, concentration and volatility, the acids can burn the skin or even the respiratory tract, if there is no protection against contact. The product therefore comes under the area of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality (TA Luft), which contain emissions and emissions limit values, not only for gases, but also for all types of hazardous substances and environmental pollutants. They stipulate that fatty acids must not come into contact with the atmosphere.

Gear pumps are not suitable for pumping fatty acids

The existing geared pump, which the manufacturer had been using up to this point to feed its tankers, was no longer able to meet this requirement and therefore had to be replaced. In addition, the sticky and temperature-sensitive product has to be conveyed at 70°C to keep it free-flowing. At the same time, the installation area is Ex zone 1 due to possible gas accumulations, which means the pump has to be ATEX-compliant.


degree celsius product temperature

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The compact TORNADO® T.Envi® rotary lobe pumps impress with easy maintenance thanks to the innovative FSIP® (Full Service in Place) design. 

How to pump fatty acids in compliance with the strictest legal requirements

After thoroughly analysing the requirements, the global specialist in complex fluid management recommended using a TORNADO® T.Proc® rotary lobe pump. The T.Proc® offers three decisive advantages: Safety, FSIP® (Full Service-in-Place) design and insensitivity to dry running. Specially designed for particularly challenging media, the rotary lobe pump from NETZSCH allows you to pump with maximum operational safety. Thanks to the worldwide unique spatial separation of the pump and gear chamber, maximum operating safety is always ensured. In this way, you prevent contamination of the pumped medium. In addition, the T.Proc® meets the strict requirements of the TA Luft. With the TORNADO® T.Proc® rotary lobe pump, you not only prevent contamination of the product but also ensure the protection of personnel, consumers and the environment. Another advantage offered by the rotary lobe pump is the innovative FSIP® design. It makes maintenance particularly easy without having to remove the pump from the pipeline first. This significantly reduces your service time and costs.

In order to fulfill both regulations, TA Luft and ATEX, at the start of 2014 the operating company had a rotary lobe pump of the T.Proc® type installed which was specifically developed for this kind of difficult product. An all-metal design was chosen due to the aggressive substance and the high conveying temperatures. The high-strength steel used for this is extremely resilient, which ensures a long service life for the pump. In addition, this material enables manufacture with very small clearances between the rotary lobes and the housing, which gives a high level of efficiency. Meanwhile, the pump has been reliably doing its job since begin of 2014 and filling the manufacturer's tankers at a volume of 20 m³/h and a pressure of 2.5 bar. In doing so, all the legal requirements have been strictly adhered to, including the TA Luft air quality specifications.

TORNADO® T.Proc® rotary lobe pump

  • Medium: Fatty acids
  • Throughput volume: 20 m³/h
  • Pressure: 2.5 bar
TORNADO® T.Proc® Rotary Lobe Pump, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems