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Chemical Process Pumps Solutions in the Chemical, Pulp & Paper Processing Industries

NETZSCH is the top worldwide leading manufacturer & supplier of positive displacement pumps for all chemical processing industries in India. NETZSCH offers you chemical process pumps individually optimized pump solutions in the chemicals, pulp, & paper applications.

We find and develop the perfect positive displacement pumps for industrial chemical processing applications. With our pumps and systems, you can safely convey even the most challenging media.

We globally develop customized and sophisticated pumping solutions in the chemical, pulp, and paper sectors. Fluids that are hazardous to health and the environment, highly viscous products, products containing solids, or sensitive products require pumps that can handle even the most challenging media in hermetically isolated systems. 

We make no compromises when it comes to your safety. In any case, the satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority. Together with you, we will find the product optimally tailored to you and your chemical process pumps requirements.

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Choose the right chemical process pumps for your chemical applications. 

We promise you Proven Excellence - outstanding performance in all areas. NETZSCH rotary lobe pumps, progressing cavity pumps, and multi-screw pumps, combined with our grinders, constantly guarantee you the right chemical process pump solutions for your chemical process industries. Together with you, we will find the product optimally tailored to you and your requirements.

Nishant Doshi

„Handling a wide range of chemicals to natural minerals with complex fluid properties is the challenge of almost every chemical industry. 

NETZSCH is your preferred partner to offer the best chemical process pump solutions with our wide range of Industrial Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps & long years of rich global experience in providing complex fluid handling solutions in the chemical processing industry.“

Nishant Doshi
Business Field Manager - Chemical, Pulp & Paper

Chemical process pumps are continuous conveying of abrasive and corrosive paints and varnishes.

With NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, you can continuously convey even abrasive and corrosive media in the paint and paper industry. In addition, the progressing cavity pump enables you to achieve exact dosing despite a lack of fluidity. Thanks to the innovative design of the NEMO®, maintenance and service can be carried out even when the pump is installed. This saves you time and the associated maintenance costs. The TORNADO® T.Proc® rotary lobe pump has a particularly long service life when pumping abrasive media in the construction industry. You can even pump dispersion-containing primers with a high solids content without any problems. In this way, you extend the service life by more than three times.

Our pumps used for exact mixing and dosing of different material components in silicone production.

Precise dosing plays a decisive role with modern materials. With the NEMO®barrel emptying systems, you can dose a wide variety of material components without interruption. This is made possible by the unique design of the progressing cavity pump. NEMO® barrel emptying systems guarantee you precision requirements of plus or minus one percent. Thanks to the high delivery volume and the uninterrupted dosing, you can significantly reduce your processing time.


various products have already been transported in the chemical, pulp and paper sectors

The fast and reliable chemical process pumps are used in paper and pulp processing.

With TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, you can convey media with special requirements such as kaolin slurry or ceramic slurry quickly and reliably. Thanks to an individual material pairing optimally matched to the product, the TORNADO® enables you to achieve particularly long running times with low maintenance.

 To save time when cleaning and maintenance work is required, you can remove the front of the pump chamber in a few easy steps. This makes the entire pumping area easily accessible. Thus, you can shorten your service times, which is a great advantage, especially with abrasive and highly viscous products.

Our chemical process pumps are safe, gentle, and efficient in conveying highly reactive substances.

Substances such as lithium sludge are among the most demanding pumped media. The NEMO® progressing cavity pumps in stainless steel design enable you to pump highly reactive substances efficiently. Thanks to the innovative design, you pump the medium continuously and gently, i.e. free of pressure fluctuations, pulsation or shear forces. This keeps maintenance and servicing costs extremely low, even with demanding media.

Uninterrupted and safe discharge of numerous types of hazardous substances  

The pumping of fatty acids in the chemical industry is subject to stringent legal requirements. With the innovative TORNADO® T.Proc® rotary lobe pumps, you can pump the most diverse types of hazardous substances in compliance with all regulations. The unique design enables you to safely empty and fill tanks or tank trucks and ensures a particularly long service life. Even solvent-contaminated media pose no problems for the TORNADO®. This means that you expose neither personnel, consumers, nor the environment to unnecessary danger.