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Industrial Pump Solutions for All Applications

Our positive displacement pumps are customized and sophisticated pumping solutions for all industrial applications for your individual applications.

As a global specialist in complex fluid management, we offer you the perfect solution for your application. Whether environment & energy, chemical, pulp & paper, food & pharmaceuticals, mining, oil & gas upstream or midstream / downstream: In our NETZSCH world you can easily find the right pumps & systems.

Click through the intuitive NETZSCH world now and discover the right industrial pump solutions for your applications.

Thanks to our broad product portfolio, we at NETZSCH Pumps & Systems will find customized and sophisticated industrial pump solutions for your individual application together with you.  In doing so, we promise you Proven Excellence - outstanding performance in all areas.

NETZSCH positive displacement pumps or PD pumps are widely used in various industrial applications due to their robust design and ability to handle a wide range of fluids, including abrasive, viscous, and shear-sensitive materials. These pumps operate on the principle of displacement, where a fixed amount of fluid is moved through the pump with each rotation of the pumping elements. Here's how NETZSCH positive displacement pumps are commonly used in different industrial applications:

NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Environment, Energy

Environment & Energy Pump Solutions

Individually tailored pumps & systems to your specific requirements in all applications 

Chemical, Pulp & Paper Pump Solutions

Conveying even the most challenging media thanks to optimised pump solutions 

NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Chemical, Pulp, Paper
NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Food, Pharmaceuticals

Food & Pharmaceuticals Pump Solutions

Conveying your products gently and cleanly in compliance with all hygiene guidelines


Pumping of explosive media in compliance with the highest safety standards

NETZSCH Pumps, Systems, Mining
NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Oil & Gas, Mid-/Downstream

Oil & Gas Mid- / Downstream Pump Solutions

Innovative pump solutions optimally tailored to you and your application

Oil & Gas Upstream Pump Solutions

Conveying under special challenges with innovative and customised solutions

NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Oil & Gas, Upstream
NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems, Energy, Battery

Battery Manufacturing Pump Solutions

Individual tailored total solutions for energy and battery applications

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