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This Pump Will Reduce Your Kaolin Slurry Pumping Costs

How to pump kaolin slurry quickly and reliably directly from the train

"White gold" - the fact that this name for porcelain also applied to paper goes back a long time: Both are based on kaolin. This unique clay gives the materials luminous whiteness. Kaolin is used in paper production not only as a coating but also as a filler.

TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps ensure reliable and fast pumping of kaolin slurry in pulp and paper processing.

"White gold" – this description of porcelain was also used in the past for paper, for a good reason. Both are based on kaolin, a special clay that gives the materials their radiant white. Kaolin is not only used as a coating in paper production, but as a filling as well.

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Paper Manufacturing

The modern world would be unimaginable without paper, even with computers and smartphones and the encouragement to go "paperless". Everyday we hold paper in our hands - price tags, toilet paper, packaging material, receipts, invoices and more.

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NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps are an indispensable part of paper manufacturing because of the gentle handling and low pulsation characteristics of these pumps. The NEMO® product line has the ideal pump for your applications, like handling filler materials such as calcium carbonate or kaolin, or for precision metering of chemicals such as polymers, wet strength agents or pigments.


cubic metres per hour throughput volume

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The universally applicable and individually matched TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pumps convince with the GSS technology.

How to pump kaolin slurry efficiently in confined spaces

In close consultation with those responsible for the paper mill, the experts from NETZSCH found the right solution for pumping the kaolin slurry. The decision was finally made in favour of a TORNADO® T1rotary lobe pump, which is characterised by its small footprint and excellent flexibility, among other things. A total of five pumps were installed at the paper manufacturer's site, pumping around 70 m³ of kaolin slurry per hour with a viscosity of 100 to 500 mPas. Thanks to the choice of materials, the TORNADO® offers particularly long service lives. All pumps are made of a highly corrosion-resistant CrNiMo steel alloy. In addition, axially and radially abrasion-resistant wear protection plates are fitted, which you can easily replace if necessary. Furthermore, the multi-bladed lobes are made of resistant butadiene-sodium rubber with low shore hardness, which is especially suitable for abrasive products. However, in case cleaning or maintenance work becomes necessary, you can remove the front of the pump chamber in a few easy steps. This makes the entire pumping area easily accessible so that the individual components can be serviced or replaced without dismantling the housing from the system. This saves you time and, consequently, money during maintenance and servicing.

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Smooth application, important to processes like color coating, is a requirement easily met with a  “D” geometry rotor. Just ask us; our engineering team will help you meet your requirements.

TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pump

Product: Kaolin slurry 
Throughput volume: 70 to 75 m³/h
Pressure: 4 bar
Viscosity: 100 to 500 cP

  • Medium: Kaolin slurry
  • Flow rate: 70 to 75 m³/h
  • Pressure: 4 bar
  • Viscosity: 100 to 500 mPas
TORNADO® T1 Rotary Lobe Pump, NETZSCH, Pumps, Systems