TORNADO® T.Envi® Rotary Lobe Pump

FSIP® design enables service-friendly conveyance in environment and biogas technology

Resistant, powerful, easy to service: The compact TORNADO® T.Envi® rotary lobe pumps are optimally adapted to your individual requirements in environmental and biogas technology and impress with easy maintenance thanks to the innovative FSIP® (Full Service-in-Place) design.

During the entire pumping cycle, only elastomer and metal component surface interface within the pump. Elastomer to elastomer component surface interfaces, which suffer from excess wear and generate heat, are eliminated. This makes TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps particularly robust and durable. The oil-free belt drive also ensures the extremely quiet running of the pump unit. This results in fewer vibrations and minor wear on all components, which significantly increases the service life. The FSIP® design also makes maintenance very easy: Since the system is not lubricated, there is no need for time-consuming lubricant changes and no risk of leakage

Quick and easy service due to innovative FSIP® concept

However, should service or repair work becomes necessary on the T.Envi®, you can carry it out quickly and, above all, easily because of the direct access to the pump chamber. After removing the drive cover, you can access the complete synchronizing belt drive. There is no need for time-consuming disassembly from the pipeline or the drive. This reduces your workload to a minimum and shortens your downtimes. Another advantage is the compact design and the maximum operational safety due to the spatial separation of the pump and gear room. This allows you to convey your product safely and gently at the same time. In addition, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps enable you to meter almost all product in proportion to speed.

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TORNADO® T.Envi® rotary lobe pump in metal-elastomer design

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Maximum operational safety because of spatial separation of pump and gearbox compartments
FSIP® Design
FSIP® design simplifies and reduces service times and costs
Robust and durable construction due to material reversal


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