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N.Mac® Inline Twin Shaft Grinder

Full service in place for grinding impurities in pipeline installations

Protect your system from impurities: The N.Mac® inline twin shaft grinder crushes fragmenting large and solid particles in liquid product and includes the FSIP® concep (Full Service in Place). It is ideal for various applications, from wastewater treatment and substrates to food and fruit residues for biogas plants.

The inline housing design allows installation in pipeline systems to protect the downstream equipment, such as your pumps. Despite the pipeline installation, this grinder offers you the proven FSIP® concept due to its innovative design. You can carry out complete maintenance without removing it from the pipeline, saving you time and the associated costs. Depending on the desired crushing degree, you can choose from numerous tooth combinations. The different blade designs with three to eleven teeth can be easily replaced. You can determine the degree of shredding yourself. In addition, there are different blade blocks with unique geometry for optimal fragmentation of solids. If a blockage should occur, an optional control system with reversal of the direction of rotation offers you a remedy. This allows you to easily remove blockages in the cutting devices without having to dismantle the grinder.

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Easy on-site maintenance
Thanks to innovative FSIP® design
Anti-vibration system
Exclusive elastomer to seal the lower bearings and absorb vibrations generated during shredding
Protects the system from damage caused by contaminants
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